E-rate Application Window Extension Notice for FY2016

From USAC, 4/15/16: “Today, USAC announced that the FY2016 application filing window is extended to allow applicants more time to submit their applications.

“First, we are extending the window for all applicants by four weeks with a new closing date of May 26, 2016. With the recent deployment of bulk upload templates and additional updates and solutions coming over the next few weeks, we believe that the IT systems will be sufficiently stable to allow most applicants, and all schools and school districts, sufficient time to file their applications by May 26.

“Second, when the window closes on May 26, we will open a second filing window for consortia and libraries, which will close on July 21, 2016. We recognize that consortia and libraries are unable to complete their applications until their member/related school district(s) finalize their discount rates in the system.

“Please read the special edition News Brief for more information…”