Headlines & Deadlines

04.16.16. The FY2016 application filing window is extended to allow applicants more time to submit their applications.

04.12.16.Watch A Beginner’s Guide to an E-rate Application, a self-navigated tutorial that guides new applicants through the basics. From the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona State Library.

04.11.16. E-rate does not suffer fools: “ALA submitted a request to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to extend the 2016 E-rate application window…” Read more on the District Dispatch blog.

03.04.16. Making E-Rate Make Sense is a new webinar presented by the PLA, in partnership with ALA-OITP.

02.29.16. E-Rate Central News for the Week includes info on

02.22.16. E-Rate Central News for the Week includes info on

02.15.16. E-Rate Central News for the Week includes info on

02.11.16. FCC Form 471 Walkthrough and E-rate Program Overview:
Join USAC for a series of webinars about the FY2016 filing window, including an overview of the E-rate Program and a detailed walkthrough of how to complete a funding request (FCC Form 471) online in the E-rate Productivity Center.

02.08.16. The filing window is open! See the USAC forms page for dates & deadlines:

  • The Funding Year 2016 FCC Form 471 filing window is now open and will close on April 29, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM EDT.
  • File your FCC Form 470 now! Your FCC Form 470 is due no later than April 1, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM EDT.

01.25.16. USAC announces Dates of the E-rate Funding Year 2016 Application Filing Window. (Subscribe to USAC news briefs.)

12.08.15. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WI DPI) has posted four short videos related to E-Rate.

11.04.2015. E-Rate: What’s New for 2016? We added a webinar covering the E-Rate changes for funding year 2016-2017. Presented by Christa Burns, the State E-Rate Coordinator for Public Libraries in Nebraska.

10.30.2016.  Eligible Services List for Funding Year 2016.